Patient Testimonials

" I have been going to Dr. Shapiro for over 3 years now and I tell you, the man is my life saver. I have certain hip issues that nobody could fix and he found the problem. Needless to say I have not had to make many appointments to get them adjusted so I can walk and lead a normal lifestyle. 2 years ago I was explaining to him that I was having joint pain and problems losing weight after cutting calories and exercising all the time with no results. He recommended having a specialized food allergy test. I did the test and found out I have a lot of allergies to the foods I was eating and with his guidance and support I cut out those foods and lost 74pds and no joint pain anymore. I have also had issues of being cold all the time. I was sleeping with a heating pad during the summers. After testing he said it was because of my thyroid, he started me on these pills that are awesome. They work. I havbe not had to use the heating pad amazingly through the winter months. He listens to you as a human being and not as a number. He has done more for my health issues than my primary care Dr. I have referred my family members and friends to him and they also love him. Thank you so much Dr. Shapiro. ~ SR (submitted to Head 2 Toe...March 2010)

"I was in a quad accident in Nov. 2010. I was hospitalized with numerous injuries requiring surgery, I sprained my neck and back, I had a bad a concussion and double vision. I saw numerous medical specialists who examined me and took MRIs of my head and neck. Unfortunately, they were uable to explain the problem or come up with a solution. I was not aloud to work or drive a car. My mom told me to go see Dr. Grant Shapiro when I complained I WAS FED UP with feeling no control over my life and the huge compromise it caused. Finally, 1 month later I called Dr. Shapiro. WOW! I had normal vision after 2 visits of doing a specialized adjusting technique to my head and neck. I am pain free, I can drive to work! I drove over 40 minutes to get to each appointment. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Thank you so much Dr. Shapiro! ~ KL (submitted to Head 2 Toe March 2010)

I searched a long time to find someone who I felt commfortble with to treat me. Dr. Shapiro is the "man"! This "man" knows what he is doing and has proven himslef to me. H has out my mind at rest and hes kepot me feing worndergful. WHenever my aquaintances are hurinting I recommend Dr. SHpairo and his staff as THE place to fet fixed. ~ sjp (submitted to head 2 Toe March 2010)

"Dr. Shapiro is the only person I trust when it comes to repairing injury to my body. Three years ago, after injuring my back, I was told I would never race again. Dr. Shapiro made it possible. He helped me when no one else could. Without him, I would not be preparing to race my first Ironman Triathlon."
- KJ

"Dr. Shapiro works very hard to find the cause of pain in his patients. I suffered with back pain and stomach problems for years. Dr. Shapiro alleviated the pain and provided a daily exercise/stretching routine that works!"
- LA

"Dr. Shapiro is awesome! I was in a car accident, and as a result, visited numerous doctors (M.D.s, & D.O.). I was in severe pain and could not concentrate on simple tasks, let alone perform my job functions and daily household chores. The doctors could not stop the pain - all they could do is increase my pain medicine. Of course, the pain medicine made it more difficult to concentrate - in addition, the medicine made me extremely tired and lethargic. Then, a co-worker recommended Dr. Shapiro. I was reluctant at first, but I finally made an appointment. After visiting Dr. Shapiro, I felt immediate relief, and within a few months, I was back to my old self. Thank you Dr. Shapiro!!"
- PM

"I highly recommend Dr. S! I don't know what I would have done without him. I was being treated by a physician because of an injury. This injury caused pain and tingling and numbness in my legs. My doctor suggested ongoing cortisone injections in my spine. Another doctor suggested more Vicadin. Because of my injury I could barely walk and couldn't sit for long. My job performance was decreasing to the point that I worried about losing my job. I went to see Dr. S. and he began therapy immediately. After a couple of months of therapy, the pain was manageable (even without medication), but I still wasn't completely better, so we discussed Manipulation Under Anesthesia. I reviewed Dr. S.'s videos and documentation on the procedure and decided to try the MUA before trying the cortisone injections. I'm glad I did - the MUA was the best thing I did! I noticed results right away and it got me over the hump. Now I'm able to do everything I could before the injury. If anyone is suffering, my advice is don't give up until you see Dr. S."
- ML

"Dr. Shapiro is a concerned patient and caring doctor. He takes as much time as necessary to understand, help and educate his patients about their problems. He is always investigating new methods to see they are appropriate to incorporate into his practice."
- KB

"The treatment that I've received from head 2 Toe Chiropractic [is] amazing. The care given to my treatment plan made it a very comfortable experience. Through the laser stimulus and spinal manipulation to muscle stim, my quality of life has greatly improved. I can now do the sport activities that make me happy."

Thru the use of Yoga and Chiropractic Care from Dr. Grant Shapiro, I have been pain free from my scoliosis. The use of shoe lift insoles and monthly manipulations have eased my headaches, neck pain and back pain. I have also received laser treatments on my left shoulder area that have treated numbness down my left arm; along with neck traction daily. Dr. Grant Shapiro is very knowledgable in his care of every ache and pain I have experienced. I learn much from him and highly recommend his services.
- Susan,RN, BSN